Monday, July 8, 2013

Lory State Park: Bridge Reconstruction 7/6/13

Friends of Lory, volunteers and Trailcology continued the effort to rebuild bridges following the Galena Fire in early March. On Saturday, dedicated volunteers completed 75 percent of bridge 8 on the East Valley Trail leaving only bridges 7,9,10 still unfinished. Together we poured concrete to reinforce the existing beams and moved the heavy timber into place over the creek bed.  The reviews of the recently completed bridges are flying in from riders, equestrian users and trail runners who all say these spans are some of the best they have ever seen!  The remaining projects are some of the more challenging tasks as the bridge rebuild moves ahead into phase 2. There are plenty more volunteer days scheduled throughout July.

Sign up here:

Lory State Park Bridge Rebuild Crew Sign Up

View the project and closure map: West Valley Trail has reopened!

Lory State Park Map

Enjoy the photos!


"So much work remains to be done in this unfinished and imperfect world that 
none of us can justify standing on the sidelines. Especially in a society like ours, 
volunteering is an expression of democracy in its purest form. For the volunteer is 
a participant, not a looker-on, and participation is the democratic process."

Eunice Kennedy Shriver
President’s Commission on Americans Outdoors, 
Report and Recommendations to the President of the United States, 1986

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